Why use Distran Ultra Pro X for hydrogen leak detection?

Hydrogen is enjoying an unprecedented momentum and is used in transportation, storage and many industrial processes. Supplying it to industrial users is a major business around the world. Indeed, many countries directly support investment in hydrogen technologies. For instance, in Europe where the European Commission has set ambitious goals* to increase the use of hydrogen over the next few years.

Hydrogen production, storage and transportation pose technical challenges, as hydrogen is highly flammable and checking for leaks is an essential step for its safe use. Ultra Pro X enables operators to perform fast and safe inspections.

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Atlas Inspection Europe was founded in 2007. Our mission is to ensure the safety of your people, facility and environment by providing you the right and critical information and state of the art industrial equipment. Atlas offers a wide variety of remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment including Ultra Sound gas leak detection camera, borescopes, videoscopes, pipe cameras, pipe crawlers systems, sewer cameras and infrared cameras. Additional to selling, renting and repairing the equipment, Atlas can perform specific field services like gas leak detection and weld inspections.

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