Redefining standards in gas leak inspection.
Pinpoint gas leaks without scanning each single element
Estimating gas leak rates has never been this easy.

The Ultra Pro hand-held ultrasound imaging camera is capable of accurately locating gas leaks from several meters with unrivaled speed. It excels finding leaks in high or in hard-to-reach areas.

The sensor works by detecting the specific sounds that pressurized gas leaks emit. Thanks to its integrated 124 ultrasound microphones, the ultrasound camera reconstructs the position of the sound source. The information is overlaid in real-time with a wide angle optical image.

Ultra Pro creates in a single tap images and videos that can then be assembled in reports either using Distran reporting software Audalytics or with the user favorite software.

Distran Ultra Pro - Atlas Inspection Europe

Ultrasonic Gas Leak Imaging is a technique that allows to analyze the sound emitted by leaks and to display it as an image. It works for any gas type even vacuum.

Thanks to its 124 sensors, Ultra Pro can not only locate leaks but also quantify how severe is a gas leak within seconds and without the need of a tripod. From the sound source loudness, a gas flow rate is automatically converted in real-time. It is not affected by the background noise. The leak rate quantification makes it possible to prioritize the maintenance and helps taking decisions regarding the repair of the leaks.

Atlas Inspection Europe - gas detection

In addition the ultrasonic camera Ultra Pro estimates in real-time its limit of detection in the current environment given the user selected settings. It enables the operator to validate its inspection.

Technical specifications

Detected GassesAll compressed gases incl. air and vacuum
Working distance
From: 0.3 – 100 m (1 – 300 ft)
Typical: 4 – 6 m (13 – 20 ft)
Detection thresholdFrom 0.3L/h at 30cm (0.01ft3/h at 1ft)
Quiet environment 2 L/h at 30cm (0.1 ft3/h at 1ft)
Industrial environment 10 L/h at 30cm (0.4 ft3/h at 1ft)
Detection methodAcoustic imaging using 124 ultrasound sensors
Pressure differenceMin. 50 mbar (0.7 psi)
Acoustic angle of view180° (half-space)
Angular detection accuracy<1°
Weight1.3kg (2.9 lb)
Battery life2.5 hours, 2 batteries provided
Ex marking (for X version)Zone 2: Ex Gc IIC T4 (class 1 division 2)
Integrated LED lights1400 lumens
Data export
Audalytics or SD card
Technical specifications Ultra Pro Data

For more information, visit the Distran website.

Atex - Gas Leak Detection

Ultra Pro X is the ATEX certified version of Ultra Pro. It is certified for zone 2 gas for class IIC (USA: div 2 class 1).

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