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Gas leak detection

Ultrasonic gas leak detection uses acoustic sensors to identify fluctuations in noise that is imperceptible to human hearing within a process environment. The sensor and electronics are able to detect these ultrasound frequencies (25 to 100KHz), while excluding audible frequencies (0 to 25KHz). Unlike traditional gas detectors that measure the accumulated gas, ultrasonic gas detectors “hear” the leak, triggering an early warning system.

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The medical sector is not the only field in which video endoscopy plays a major role. In the industrial sector, many optical inspections are carried out with the help of video endoscopes and borescopes. In the course of a visual inspection, they are used to perform various safety and quality assuring cavity inspections that cannot be done with the naked eye or larger cameras. One of the most important features of videoendoscopes is that they are available in a variety of small working diameters and lengths, so that cavities of different lengths and with different opening diameters can be inspected.

Atlas Inspection Europe - Our produ ts - Push cameras - Video scopes
Atlas Inspection Europe - Our produ ts - Push cameras

Push Cameras

Push cameras are water-resistant tools that allow you to visually inspect pipes.  It allows you to detect problems, leaks and flaws quickly and accurately.  
A professional inspection can be recorded for easy playback, giving an in-depth video analysis.

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