Atlas Inspection Europe nominated for BEMAS Innovation Awards

Atlas Inspection Europe - Distran Ultra Pro
Atlas Inspection Europe, Distran Ulta Pro
The Ultra Pro hand-held ultrasound imaging camera is capable of accurately locating gas leaks from several meters with unrivaled speed. It excels finding leaks in high or in hard-to-reach areas.

Atlas Inspection Europe was nominated for Distran Ulta Pro, a mobile ATEX camera that uses ultrasonic technology to detect leaks from all compressed gases, including air, vacuum and steam.

The 1st webinar “Maintenance Innovations” will take place on May 27, 2021. Normally a winner was selected for the BEMAS Innovation Awards in March during the fair.

More info and registration here.

BEMAS vzw is a platform for the exchange of knowledge and good practices in maintenance and asset management. BEMAS helpS asset intensive organizations on the way to world-class management and maintenance of technical installations.

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Atlas Inspection Europe was founded in 2007. Our mission is to ensure the safety of your people, facility and environment by providing you the right and critical information and state of the art industrial equipment. Atlas offers a wide variety of remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment including Ultra Sound gas leak detection camera, borescopes, videoscopes, pipe cameras, pipe crawlers systems, sewer cameras and infrared cameras. Additional to selling, renting and repairing the equipment, Atlas can perform specific field services like gas leak detection and weld inspections.

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